Monday, March 7, 2011

I Made It Monday!

I am joining along with Ninth Street Notions for "I Made It Monday" If you would like to play along be sure to click the button above.

This is a hat that I made on my own. The design and pattern. It's not an item featured on my Etsy but I thought it would be fun to make it. It's look very cute on my daughter and the flower can be taken off the hat and put into her hair as a clip. It's been one of my favorites to put on her. 

Quote of the day :

Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it. ~ Swedish Proverb Quote

For my dear husband who has always loved me no matter what.

Have a wonderful day!!

♥Faith Unraveled♥


Debbie in Nashville said...

Cute! Stopping by from SITS.

Caren said...

A removeable flower, I had not thought of that before! Visiting from SITS.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute hat.

cat said...

Very pretty.

M said...

Such a Cute hat!

Heidi said...

that is just the sweetest little hat!

well done! :)

Alely said...

love all of your hats! they are adorable and the removeable flower rocks! i've added a removable ruffled flower to my camera straps. so much fun!

thanks for visiting my blog! i really appreciate that. following you now and hope to come visit more often!


Shauna said...

Sweet! I miss you woman! Following you now :)

DeniseAngela said...

This is so beautiful & thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!

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