Monday, May 16, 2011

I Made It Monday! And A Give Away Reminder

Hi everyone! I am playing along with Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions for her "I Made It Monday" . So if you would like to link up be sure to click the button below and it will take you straight to Amanda's website.

This is my next item to be put on my Etsy shop! I am so excited about this. Isn't it adorable? I am going to make a headband for it and also put a pin on it to give it a brooch option. The hardest part of this had been finding the right headband for it. I wanted to crochet a black headband to put with it.

Also you can check out this post here for the give away for my beanie cap.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Giveaway!!

Good Morning, afternoon and evening everyone! I am excited today because the awesome Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions is featuring a give away for my Spring Is Here Beanie from my one and only Etsy Shop Faith Unraveled. All you need to enter is follow the instructions as follows and also be sure to visit Amanda's website by clicking the button below. Thank you Amanda for featuring my give away today.

How to enter:

MANDATORY ENTRY: Visit Faith Unraveled, come back here, and comment with your favorite item. Be sure and heart your item while you're at it. ;) (1 entry)

EXTRA ENTRIES: Share this giveaway on Facebook. Comment here. (1 entry)
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Today I am playing Finished For Friday with Lit and Laundry so if you have something crafty that you have finished and would like to show us then click the button above to link up. 

I am excited about this flower because it is my own pattern that I came up with. I have been wanting to make my own flower patterns and finally have found the time to do it.  The leaves aren't my own but I love the pattern for the leaves. 

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More of my Creations and Wordful Wednesday!

Hello everyone!

I have more beanies I have created to show you. I luv 2 crochet!! It is great therapy!

What is in a name?

I chose the name Faith because it is my daughter's middle name and hope to one day pass on  crocheting to her and also so she will know that she is where most of my inspiration comes from. Then I chose Unraveled because of the meaning it had instilled in me when I put the two words together. 

Unraveled ~ : to resolve the intricacy, complexity, or obscurity of : clear up <unravel a mystery>

Some people are like well why would your faith be unraveling and it doesn't make any sense to them so before I even came out with the name I had to look it up in the dictionary to make sure what I was thinking was right.  And it was......Faith Unraveled

Playing along with Wordful Wednesday today. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Made It Monday!

I am joining along with Ninth Street Notions for "I Made It Monday" If you would like to play along be sure to click the button above.

This is a hat that I made on my own. The design and pattern. It's not an item featured on my Etsy but I thought it would be fun to make it. It's look very cute on my daughter and the flower can be taken off the hat and put into her hair as a clip. It's been one of my favorites to put on her. 

Quote of the day :

Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it. ~ Swedish Proverb Quote

For my dear husband who has always loved me no matter what.

Have a wonderful day!!

♥Faith Unraveled♥

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quotes on Life

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”  ~ Author Unknown

This quote is so true!  I want to live life to the fullest and to live it out as God would want me to. There is a song that my son is trying out for a solo part in his choir team called "Live Out Loud" Here are the words to the song.

By Steven Curtis Chapman

Imagine this
I get a phone call from Regis -
he says "Do you want to be a millionaire?"
They put me on a show and I win
with two lifelines to spare

Picture this
I act like nothing ever happened
and bury all the money in a coffee can
Well, I've been given more than Regis ever gave away
I was a dead man who was called to come out of my grave
I think it's time for makin' some noise

Wake the neighbors
Get the word out
Come on, crank up the music, climb a mountain and shout
This is life we've been given, made to be lived out
So, la, la, la, la, live out loud

Think about this
Try to keep a bird from singing after
it's soared up in the sky
Give the sun a cloudless day and tell
it not to shine

Think about this
If we really have been given the gift
of life that will never end
And if we have been filled with living
hope, we're gonna overflow
And if God's love is burning in our
hearts, we're gonna glow
There's just no way to keep it in

So, la, la, la, la, live out loud
Live out loud
La, la,, la,, la, la, live out loud
I wanna hear everybody
La, la,, la,, la, la, live out loud

Every corner of creation is a living declaration
Come join the song we were made to sing

Life is awesome and I am so very blessed. I hope that this has inspired and blessed you as it has me. Have a wonderful day!!

Cari at Faith Unraveled

Friday, February 25, 2011

Makes My Monday!!

My Etsy Shop Is Open......Finally! Whew!

This is my first hat to be put on Etsy and it sooo Makes My Monday I am so excited about. I only have one item but I will be putting more on here and growing my business. I am coming out with some really really cute Spring/ Easter hats so be sure to come to me for your Spring/ Easter hat needs. 

Please  check out My Etsy Shop by clicking the picture or the links and have a wonderful day!

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Please be sure to visit Cheryl at Twinfatuation to join us on Makes My Monday.

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